With the Big Bang & Cosmic Matter inevitably came Life & Thought. Perhaps slowly at first.

Looking back at the origins of life thought & action, human & animal we can see that we have come a long way as a race. At first mothers must have provided the care for their babies. Over many centuries in developing lands society has amplified the care originally given by mothers to meet the needs of advancing societies. Today we benefit from the help of doctors, hospitals, schools, senior care homes etc.

Very recently there is mankind generated human-like thought (first called AI thought). This is included here on a conjectural basis as it is in the very early stages from which it will either grow, flop or expand along an entirely different path.

(Along with AI comes a wave of fear. Let’s remember that humanity comprises the good,  the bad & the in-between. AI will be no different & being no different humanity will profit by some developments & supress others. Business as usual.)

This website concentrates inclusion on present day care of an advancing society…..…..


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