Earth Space Colony

It is made to look so simple on the ever popular SciFi that we forget how hard & complicated the project will be. Perimeter Institute in Waterloo Ontario created a video starring Cameron Smith of a Mine University. A good idea to start by watching this video.

At present I plan to write about using an earth-like distant space planet & assume that humans can both find & use one of the many millions that are known to exist, some of them are bound to also have the right resources. We might also find ways to create a viable colony by bio-engineering & furnishing resource-wise an existing sol planet. That I will leave to the future.


What do we expect? Reasonable assumption based on findings to 2018 is that a suitable colony planet would be so far distant that we cannot communicate efficiently for most of the voyage with information travelling at only light speed. The journey to the vicinity we will pick to explore will likely exceed one lifetime so the arriving colonists will not be among the travellers who left but will be of voyage procreation. New research on earth will mostly be unavailable to travellers who will be compelled to do their own.

Once the voyageurs arrive at the planned destination it may be unsuitable & they have to pick another. Our colony ship must leave prepared for the contingencies.

Interstellar Voyaging






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