Artificial Intelligence (AI)

When we try to act like machines, artificial intelligence (AI) can do a better job than we can. AI can outperform us at repetitive, programmable tasks, operating faster & more efficiently. (from an article on AI)

Machines aren’t good though at being humans — creativity  & ingenuity still sit squarely in the wheelhouse of people.

Sounds good when read & although the general idea of human creativity outdoing AI persistence is likely true there are many occasions on which we get similar suggestions from humans & AI.

But (& a Big But it is ) where humans can often solve a problem by the application of creativity or ingenuity & the same problem can be solved by repetitive calculation then fast acting machines can do just as well & they don’t require humans to invest time

This leads us to Investigating how the mind can & does apply “creativity or ingenuity”. A whole separate study that warrants separate posts & which I will start by looking at what our Canadian Perimeter Institute of theoretical physics Waterloo Ontario has to say & branching out from there. 

See: Roger Melko, Complexity Frontier video

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