This is no static blog. It changes continually as new but relevant information surfaces.

You are online otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Online all the pros’ are at work bringing you the latest info. That I am neither capable or interested in doing & in any case, why bother to type out info. that is already present?.

On COSMIC MATTER you will find posts of what is interesting to me & often links to articles as well. Colour me curious ranging from universe(s) to sub-atomic particles which certainly include where I live. Feel free to follow me’

As I’m 89 & in a nursing home, but presently of sound mind (2018), & as Cosmic Matter is a long & endless subject I wont be around for most of it but I will get started on what I consider a very interesting reportage. Why? because I looked & looked but could not find similar writings.

COSMIC MATTER  is the basket in which my theme is placed. All will change content with time. Many of the links in posts have drawings & graphs that I am unable to assemble.

I only include what interests me and in no way am I attempting to teach.